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Nominee for Art Award "Das Goldene Segel 2022"

Meike Kohls Moor Impression Nominee for Art Award 2022
Moor Impression, acrylic, screen print on canvas, 75 x 46 cm.
Theme Moor.
The 20 best artworks are printed on flags. "Moor Impressionen" is nomineted. The atmosphere of the moor is represented by opaque and transparent layers of acrylic paint. The plains of the moor in green, brown and turquoise symbolize the landscape between water and dry land. Diverse larger and smaller moorland dwellers such as the water bat, the common blue, the dragonfly, the snipe and the moor frog populate the multifaceted habitat. They are partly transparent, partly opaque and screen printed. The cranes fly over a drawn and printed moorland landscape with dead trees and sedges. Representatives of the fauna of the moor such as the sundew printed in red and the orchid printed in yellow form the foreground of the moor community.